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Meltdown At The Ice Cream Parlour

FullSizeRenderTo treat the kids for their recent good reports from school we decided to take them to Coco Gelato.  (Am tempted to wonder if teachers ever write anything but lovely stuff on reports – Is it a conspiracy to have us all in awe of their superior child taming skills?!). On Woodville Road in Cardiff Coco Gelato is not our nearest Ice cream place, but so far it’s the kids favourite.

All started well, we parked on a side street, not right outside, but not far enough away to kick off the inevitable moans of  “It’s too far/my legs hurt/I want a piggy back”.  Mini-me (5) made herself right at home, as usual kicking off her shoes and demanding an iPad, as soon as we got to a table!

After some “discussion” we managed to persuade Monkey-boy (9) that he was probably aiming a tad above his league when he tried to order The Roman Empire, a £32.95 monstrosity containing more sugar than the average family would consume in a month.

Both kids eventually decided on The Sweet Shop from the kids menu. (Result! Half the price of the adult sundaes, and one of the reasons we rate this place above other ice cream joints that don’t have a dedicated kids menu).  Ice cream with sweeties on top – can’t go wrong with that can you?

Turns out you can go wrong with that, when you have an over tired 5 year old who didn’t realise that the Jelly Bean ice cream was goddamn BLUE!  Much wailing, sobbing, snot and indignant howls of “I DON’T LIKE BLUE ICE CREAM” followed.  Wanting to avert a full on thermonuclear meltdown (and to stop the sympathetic/judgemental looks from the parents at the table next to us, whose kids were behaving impeccably) we decided to just cut our losses, ignoring the parental rule of never giving in to a tantrum, and offer the little madam whatever she wanted….. It took us a while – with more snot and wailing and arm waving – to work out what she REALLY wanted was one of the 5kg buckets of Nutella that they had stacked as a display behind the counter.  This place has quite literally got every possible combination of ice cream based meal that has ever been dreamed up, and she wants a catering sized bucket of Nutella.

Daddy had, unsurprisingly, finished inhaling his ice cream of choice at this point, so he took Mini-me to the counter to convince her that the Nutella wasn’t actually for sale.  (He’d opted for The 1300, a DIY combination which allows you to choose 3 scoops of gelato, 3 toppings, a fresh fruit and a sauce.)  Monkey-boy and I were still attempting to wade through ours – maybe going after we’d already had a Sunday dinner at home was a rookie mistake?!

Altogether we spent just under £25 on 4 sundaes (plus a cone of Nutella flavour ice cream which was a strop-stopping compromise)  A little pricey just for dessert, although the portions are HUGE so you could probably go in place of going for a meal out.

Despite the Mini-me meltdown, the kids both give Coco Gelato a big thumbs up.  Ice cream for dinner and a big screen on the wall randomly showing a rollercoaster on loop, what’s not to love about that?!  I’ll try to get their opinions aired over on YouTube when I get round to it*

*Once Monkey-boy has given me a tutorial on uploading videos.



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