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Blue Planet Aquarium – Ellesmere Port

Monkey-boy’s (9) very first blog post……

In Ellesmere port there is this place called Blue Planet Aquarium.  It has it’s own car parking area.  It is about a 5 minute walk to food restaurants (like burger king)  Out side there are rc boats ( controller like a car )  you have to put money.  BUT MY MUM DID NOT LET ME HAVE ANY !!!!  there are lots of shows they are every 15 minutes to 30 minutes wait .  There are a lot of types of sharks there.  they are in a big tank and there is a tunnel that you can go through and you can see divers.  The divers are cleaning the tank and hunting for teeth that they can sell there.

Shark Tank
Shark swimming over the diver at the Blue Planet Aquarium.

we saw sharks, electric eels, and poisonous frogs.  There was this little part with venomous species there with lion fish and a whole lot of other species there.  I thought it was really good there.  you watch a show where the divers do a demonstration through a big window of the tank there was a storm of fish all over the diver.

“Do you like it? Comment down below, let me know what you want me to review next!!!”

Mum says  “Kept the kids entertained for most of the day, thanks to the fact we could get our hands stamped and go elsewhere for lunch and then come back in later.  Show at the aquatheatre was informative and on frequently.  We sat through the show twice, pretty sure the kids only wanted to watch it a second time to see if any of the sharks fancied a diver for lunch!  Make sure you book tickets online before you go to get a reduced entry price.  There are times throughout the day that you can get up close to some of the exhibits – we got to hold a starfish.

Mini-me (5) is not here to comment at present as she has gone swimming with Daddy!